film: deadpool (original version with subtitles)
place: cinema (capitol 1 basel, row 5, seat 13)
time: february 22, 2016, 8.00 pm
price: chf 13.-

yes, it's march 5 and i've only seen three movies so far this year. not kidding. on the upside, they've all been at the cinema.

i went into "deadpool" with utterly high expectations on account of all the reviews, trailers, and general (social) media brouhaha that preceded its release. add to that the record-breaking opening weekend it put on in the u.s. (for R-rated movies, mind you), and you can imagine how amped i was to see this thing. i was hoping for another "kick-ass" – the best movie of 2010, if you ask me – with lots of crude humor, unending innuendo, and tons of unnecessary violence. in short: a superhero film that satirizes superhero films.

it does not disappoint in those departments. at all.

although my expectations were not quite met, "deadpool" was still an extremely enjoyable film. as always, i had some quibbles with the wishy-washy storyline, one that's been told a thousand times already. then again, a movie produced by marvel studios with a budget of $58 million isn't supposed to have a sophisticated plot. it's meant to rake in cash, which it did admirably.

deadpool's (ryan reynolds) greatest trick by far is his self-awareness as a fictional character. this was already the case in the comic books and the screenwriters perfectly adapted this trait for the silver screen. deadpool, sort of a creation out of the x-men program, knows he is just part of a movie. he repeatedly makes fun of hugh jackman as wolverine (his not-so-secret nemesis), ridicules the x-men franchise, breaks the fourth wall at least a dozen times, and, best of all, comments on ryan reynolds playing "green lantern" a few years ago. yes, ryan reynolds as deadpool shits all over ryan reynolds as green lantern. it's fucking glorious!

anyone with a bit of background in either literary theory, film theory, postmodernism, or the concept of intertextuality will have a field day watching "deadpool." don't get me wrong, those fourth-wall shenanigans are already a lot of fun on the surface, but they're even more terrific when you dig a bit deeper.

yes, "deadpool" has a somewhat shitty plot, but that's okay. because besides that, the film has everything going for it – self-deprecating humor, pretty good action, a lot of over-the-top violence, innumerable cuss words, and rather decent acting to boot.

you can say i was expecting 11 out of 10 before i went in and got 10 out of 10 going out. not too shabby for a movie about a guy who "looks like the inside of other people's assholes."